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English Summer Camps For 9 to 17 Year Olds Since 1988

Benefits of a Summer Camp English Language Course  for Children

Learning a new language is an amazing skill that can really help children to grow and develop; plus it’ll look fantastic on college applications and CVs. With a variety of different methods of learning English to choose from, it is difficult to decide which approach to take. However, there are loads of benefits of a Summer camp English Language course  for children that simply must be considered before you make your final choice.

A Summer Camp Offers the Chance to Learn English in England

There are loads of benefits associated with learning a language in its country of origin. This is why children will find it easier to pick up English when they are taught it in a Summer camp based in England. By living and studying in England, children will find themselves immersed in the language and culture, meaning that they’ll be exposed to far more English words and phrases than they would if they were trying to learn the language elsewhere. This is also the best way for children to learn how to speak English naturally. This includes slang words which are unlikely to be taught, or even known, in different countries. In addition to this, students experience living in England, which will add lots of context to their English Language course and make it easier for them to absorb what they’re being taught.


A Summer English Language Course Offers a Great Social Experience

One of the best things about a Summer camp English Language course for children is that they come with plenty of benefits in addition to learning a new language. One of the advantages is that it provides a great social experience. Children from all cultures and walks of life are brought together and teach each other plenty that wouldn’t be covered in a normal English lesson, including traditions, history, and also perhaps even snippets of their own languages. This enables children to grow their social skills, become more confident, gain independence, and make plenty of new friends, which provides them with a really enriching experience that they’ll enjoy. In fact, many of these skills are also regarded highly among employers, so all of the student’s newly acquired confidence and independence could help them to get the job of their dreams further down the line.

Learning English is Complemented With a Chosen Activity

Although learning a new language is something that lots of adults would like to do, you may find it harder to persuade your child that it’s an important life skill. This is why summer camps are so ideal, as they give students the opportunity to carry out their English Language course  with an activity of their choice running alongside it. Plus, this activity will give them a completely different skill that will also be developed further, and could be integral to their future depending on what they’d like to do as they get older. This combination is fantastic for helping children to build lifelong friendships too, as they’ll be spending time with others that share their interest. A good summer school will offer a whole variety of sports to play alongside their English course, such as football, hockey, tennis, horse riding, and basketball, plus a multi-activity option for those who haven’t been able to focus on one sport yet. Other activities may include music, both instrumental and vocal, which can help children to develop their skills in this area too.


Summer Camps Boast a Range of Staff Members

When it comes to a Summer camp English Language course for children, parents have confidence that there will be a variety of staff members on hand to assist your child and also to help them to learn in a way that works for them. With a combination of teachers, tutors, and coaches on hand to support and encourage them, both their English language and chosen activity skills will be nurtured and developed during their Summer camp experience. Staff members live onsite and are always available, which is comforting for children and gives them a sense of security and routine. From the staff members in the classrooms to those out on the field, they’ll all be overseen by a central manager to make sure everything is running smoothly at all times.

Now that you know the benefits of Summer camp English Language course s for children, take a look at how we offer those benefits ourselves, and discover all that we provide to those who choose our programme for their children.

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