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English Summer Camps For 9 to 17 Year Olds Since 1988

English the Exsportise Way


At the heart of Exsportise is the desire to help each student improve their English, and everything that that offers them. We believe supplementing their studies with an additional Specialist Activity will help them to achieve that goal whilst having fun and utilising their skills. Here, Sarah Quarton, our Academic Manager, explains ‘English the Exsportise Way’.

Here at Exsportise we believe that communication is the key to learning a language. Speaking and listening skills are integral to all Exsportise lessons.

Students learn how to communicate in class then practise what they have learnt outside whilst improving their favourite sport with the other students and coaches.

In class the students are divided into groups of up to 14 students of similar levels, ages, and different nationalities. The skilled teachers follow a communication based syllabus, in line with the Common European framework (CEF) and devise stimulating lessons where all the skills are covered, such as speaking and listening, grammar, vocabulary, and reading and writing. The emphasis cialis-coupon.net leans heavily on communication, developing fluency skills in speaking, confidence in using the language and most importantly… a reason to speak English. All sports and activities are taught in English, so every student gets the opportunity to practice what they have learnt in the classes in the real world. Topics are chosen based on the students’ age, interests and the sports they practice. Coaches will then supplement the language learning, English skills and vocabulary by using only English during the Specialist Activities, and teaching the students more specific language needed to enhance their chosen sport .

All the teachers are passionate about teaching English in a communicative way, and will choose activities that not only enhance language learning but are of interest to the students they teach.

There is nothing more rewarding than making yourself understood, communicating your ideas, increasing your confidence and fluency, making new friends and learning more about your favourite sports all in English.. all of this is possible when the common goal is English…. as it is at Exsportise.

As Academic Manager I oversee the EFL side of camp life, liaising with the Director of Studies of each camp, to try and make Exsportise homogeneous, an experience that is similar in each camp, whether it be the syllabus, the way things are taught, or the quality of the teachers so the Exsportise ethos is maintained…..

I started in January last year, creating an Exsportise syllabus for all the camps to follow.

I have been in the EFL world for 22 years, teaching all sorts of people in different countries, managing summer schools, and have ended up in Brighton with three kids, a sausage dog and a sideline in Yoga teaching.

My favourite thing about Exsportise is the combination of excellent English lessons and excellent sports. Being an EFL teacher and a Yoga teacher – movement and learning go hand in hand….and Exsportise encompasses that.

Sarah Quarton

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English Language through Sport, Music & Dance since 1988